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Karaoke and Dance in Team 5

Here is our video we made for the Pt England News. Sometime on Fridays we finish the day with karaoke and dance. It's a load of fun. Check it out!
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Our Y8 Camp at One Big Adventure

 Last week the Year 8s went on camp to  One Big Adventure . Here are some of the highlights. 

The Moment of Truth

This week we asked the Year 7 & 8 children some questions about the adults in our school. Their responses were very, very interesting. Check out our game called...The Moment of Truth!!  

Bring on 2022!

 It has been an interesting start to the year to say the least. We have had a revolving door of people coming and going due to isolation periods. The great news is everyone is rolling with the punches and dealing with the constant changes really well.  We look forward to sharing what we have been up to on this blog, so bookmark it and be sure to visit from time to time. Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment here and there. We would love to hear from you.

Girls Don't Fart Okay

This is Room 1's Manaiakalani film festival entry for 2018. We read and loved Lisa Regan's book Girls don't fart okay so decided to turn it into a movie. It was a challenge to condense the whole book into a 3 minute movie but with using a bit of creativity and artistic license we got there in the end. Do girls really fart? Watch and see?

How did the giraffe get his long neck - by Justus Tele'a

O ne day there was a giraffe with the most beautiful dots in the world  he loved everything about him especially his short and shiney neck. Life was good for him but sometimes he had  problems. He couldn't eat very much because most things grew on trees and his most favorite fruit was red,crunchy apples but those grew on trees too. The next  day he decided to wake up early and  for a walk. While he was walking he thought to himself "I wonder what it would be like to have a longer neck"He carried on walking when suddenly he heard the sound of breaking branches he turned his head sharply trying to find the source of the commotion.He couldn't see anything or anyone so he bravely  tramped in the in the direction that he heard the sound . As he was walking he heard the sound again he walked faster and faster and soon his walk turned in to  a sprint he tripped on a rock and fell on his four knees and his head hit the hard, compact ground. He became unconscious for

How The Ant Got His Strength by Kelly Lim

B ack before men would rule, all living things were at war. It was a scary world at that time, and they had to keep everything to themselves. The ants used to be small and weak. They would have the hardest time whenever they came across the big, wild animals. Everyday was a struggle for them since they had to find food for their colony. Their colony was so big that it had as many people that a city can contain. One day, a brave, unafraid group of ants went out to find food early in the morning. They thought all the animals would be asleep. They snuck behind the tall, overgrown grass, and tried to stay as silent as possible. "There it is, the food!" Shouted one ant quite loudly. "Shhh, you're going to wake the animals up." whispered the ant leader. They tried lifting the giant, heavy seed they claimed as their food. No matter how much they puffed and tried, they still can't lift the seed up. "I give up!" Screamed the same ant from bef