Sunday, 22 February 2015

Zeal Zone is sweet as!

Zeal Zone

On fridy last week our senior block got to do Zeal Zone. There were five Zeal Zones, first one was going somewhere, Second was Art, Third was Music, Forth was come on lets eat and the last one was Values. We got to choose three zeal zones, I picked Come on lets eatMusic and Going some where. My first one was Come lets eat. Our teacher was Mrs Teala.

We Walked to the hall with some bags of food, but also we needed to set up the tables as well. Our first instruction was to go on our net books and find out about wraps on our class site for zeal zone. After that we had to go into groups of 5, which then we shared the tables. We were given a big paper as our cover on the tables. Then we needed to get the food ready to make our wraps.

First of all we put some Just hummus on our Tortilla
. Then we added some grated carrots, cheese, ham and lettuce. We put them all together and then we made the wrap. The last thing we had to do was fold it into a way where the bottom would be covered but you will still see the top. We ate our wrap and it was very nice but it was start to come off.

It was a good thing I was in come on lets eat because you get to make food and have a balanced diet.


  1. Hello room one,
    I like how you put what you were doing in th hall.
    I like how you put what you were doing and how you did it in progress.
    When you did it was it hard for you to make?
    Also was it nise?

  2. Hi Room 1
    That looks like that i yummy I like how you did a story about it.Well done and keep up the great cooking