Friday, 17 March 2017

A celebration of culture

Polyfest is a festival that celebrates every culture. The ASB Polyfest features traditional music, dance, and speech. Around Auckland, students come compete on five stages, Maori, cook island, Niue, Samoan and Tongan. There is an another stage call diversity stage, it's for other cultures that are not included in Polynesian.

The first activities was AUT, some of the people from AUT university came and explain how important our school is and they ask some us questions. I learnt a lot of things from polyfest. One of them are, when there's a fire going on going in your kitchen you don't use water to settle the fire because water and fire don't go together. So you grab a kitchen cloth and wet it and put it over the pot.

We had lots of fun, we thank you to the teachers and the parent helpers who helped us go there.
By Htet htet

Pt England School, 130 Pt England Rd, Auckland 1072, New Zealand


  1. It sounds like you all had a wonderful day at Polyfest. Which was your favourite performance HtetHtet?

    1. Hi Mrs Nua, my favourite was a group that performed on the Maori stage. It was mostly girls on the stage and they really nice voices.

  2. Hi Room 1, it must of been very cool to be at Poly Fest, I never got to go but I hear what happened from my friends, I hope yous learnt new things there too but most important of all at least yous had fun.