Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Come visit us in Room 1, it will change your life!

This is a short clip showing some of the things that go on in Room 1 at Pt England School. Enjoy!

Garage Sale!! Lets Raise some $$

Saturday 14th March saw our community of parents and whanau come out in full force to support our year 8 camp. It was a wonderful community day. We managed to raise $1,700 thanks to our generous community! Thank you and may many good things come your way

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Room 1's Mascot

Meet Morris. Morris is Room 1's mascot and goes by the name of Morris the Monkey Mascot. Every week Morris gets to go home with a student of Room 1 who has been awesome during that week. Morris stays with that student for the weekend and hangs out with them and they're family. While Morris the Mascot Monkey is only a  mascot at times he likes to think he is the teacher. Sometimes he takes Mr Wiseman's keys and computer when Mr Wiseman's not looking...naughty Morris.