Friday, 31 March 2017

Week 9 Learning Rap

In team 5, Mr Wiseman made a rap for the team to help motivate us for the week. Everyday we do the rap class by class and get points. To get the points for your class you had to do the rap loud enough and participate. The rap goes like this:

It's week nine be on time
Let's do our work when we're online
Be positive, don't cry and whine
Lead the way it's time to shine. 

If you wanna have a look at team5 raping, click the video below. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Year 7 & 8 is heaven

This week the year 7 and 8 students had a great week. It has gone by really quick. School is nearly over and the holidays are almost here. The Year 7 and 8 block is a amazing learning environment with almost up to 150 kids. We are a year 7 and 8 team with very talented kids. Year 7 and 8 is the time where you change your life and the team 5 students are pretty much close to it. They have been amazing at being flexible and showing what awesome looks like. Year 7 and 8 has a lot of new and exiting things. Every day is amazing in this block and some of the reasons are making new connections helping others. Kids at year 7 and 8 start making there own minds up either the bad way or the way that leads to more success. Teachers help kids learn and be on the right path the teachers have done just that. The year is going super fast and the seniors are almost at the end close to becoming a young adult. Year 7 students have just started. The teachers have done good and I think it is time for the students to make us proud.

By Mubashshir
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Add and subtract decimals

This week In Room 1 some of us have been learning about adding and subtracting decimals numbers. Take a look at this presentation about decimals, if you liked it try and solve some of the problems on the last slide.
          By Htet htet

Friday, 17 March 2017

A celebration of culture

Polyfest is a festival that celebrates every culture. The ASB Polyfest features traditional music, dance, and speech. Around Auckland, students come compete on five stages, Maori, cook island, Niue, Samoan and Tongan. There is an another stage call diversity stage, it's for other cultures that are not included in Polynesian.

The first activities was AUT, some of the people from AUT university came and explain how important our school is and they ask some us questions. I learnt a lot of things from polyfest. One of them are, when there's a fire going on going in your kitchen you don't use water to settle the fire because water and fire don't go together. So you grab a kitchen cloth and wet it and put it over the pot.

We had lots of fun, we thank you to the teachers and the parent helpers who helped us go there.
By Htet htet

Pt England School, 130 Pt England Rd, Auckland 1072, New Zealand

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Being in Team 5

Team 5 at Pt England School is made up of Year 7 & 8 students. In this video some us talk about what we like about being in Team 5 and what we're looking forward to this term.